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Becoming a member of PWAA connects you to our network of rental house owners, builders, developers, property management firms, and companies supplying products or services to rental properties! Join Us!

Membership Rates

Properties with 1-24 Units

Basic Membership Rate:

Properties with 25+ Units

Membership Rate: $200 + fee per Number of Units Annually*

Example: $200 + ($1.85 fee x 88 units) =

Service Supplier

Membership Rate:

For companies who sell goods or provide services to any multi-family housing owner, management company, broker, or local services in PWAA locations.

*All dues apply to the current calendar year. Second-year rate is pro-rated based on receipt of membership application and payment. Contact us for more information.

Membership Application

You can download our membership application or contact us to have an application mailed to you. All payments are due at the time of your application submission.

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Membership Eligibility

Before applying for a PWAA membership, make sure you are within a region associated with PWAA.

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